Wildlife Hotspots

A recent report analysis exclaims that about twelve thousand plant species of Madagascar including the Indian Ocean Islands are endemic.

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Beach Destinations

Madagascar is well known for its beaches; they are the country’s top attractions. The coastline is 5000 km distance and with the dozens of islands along with the two oceans.

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Madagascar popularly known to be the Republic of Madagascar and it is located on the coast of Southeast Africa. The entire country is an island country and it lies in the Indian Ocean. It is the fourth largest island in the world and it consists of numerous smaller islands near this place. Once upon a time, it was part of India and due to some reasons, it was split from India. This gigantic place is a biodiversity hotspot and about ninety percent of its wildlife is found nowhere else globally. It is said to be that by the 20th century most of the islands were united as the kingdom of Madagascar. It is quite filled with the montane forest, rainforest, Zoplay inc., waterfalls, limestone karsts, sweeping cliffs, savannah including the jagged peaks.

Different Places of Interest

The Madagascar central Highlands form the main core of the islands. Here only Antananarivo which is the capital of Madagascar and the other important cities are located. There is a list of visited tourist attractions of the islands on the way from Antananarivo to Fianarantsoa. Generally, the relative altitude temperatures are pleasant during the summer season. A research report says that the north of Madagascar is scarcely populated whereas the Nosy Be Archipelago and Diego Suarez are densely uber like app populated ones. The region is rich in its ethnic groups and the extraordinary beauty of the Karst pinnacles of the Ankarana National Park and the rainforests of the Majorejy national park are the most preferred ones by the folks. The persistent rainfalls are expected to be the whole year around and the dry season is particularly long one. The lowlands of the East Coast are the home to one of the major groups of the island which is an ethnic one. The lifestyle of this entire ethnic group follows the traditions and the customs of the ancient times. The attractive beaches of the Sainte Marie Island, flora, and fauna of the largely unexplored rainforests are preferred by the folks. Apt months to visit this region are October, November, and December; that is before the cyclone season and after the rainy season. The western region is a one a vaster one which is dominated by the baobabs, jagged coastline along with the countless harbors and they were used by the pirates as a refuge. The Sakalava people occupy this gigantic region and they preserve the royal relics in huge feasts. During the winter months, the climate is dry and pleasant.

Unity in Diversity

A research analysis report says that in the year 2012, the population of Madagascar was estimated about twenty-two million. The genetic report of a normal Malagasy person constitutes an equal blend of the East African and Southeast Asian genes. The annual production growth rate was approximately is about three percent in the year 2009. The entire population grew about three million in the year 1901 to an estimated twenty-two million in the year 2013.

What are the places to see in Madagascar?

Madagascar is a beautiful land of colossal, bulbous baobab trees which also includes the swinging indri indris. The French time colony, the wilderness of East Africa including the sparkling sands of the Indian Oceans enhances the additional elegance. The Madagascar island which stands at the fourth position in the whole world and it is a base for the different travelers. The people who prefer adventure can try for the jungle paths and the fact is that the regal past which includes the native islanders. It gives a home to thousands of plant and the animal species which cannot be found anywhere in the world. One can discover the unique natural, cultural including the historical diversity and it has earned the nickname which is known to be “the eighth continent”. Madagascar has got various tourists spots that serve as the best destinations for the public. Masoala National Park which is situated in the north-east of Madagascar and it covers nearly two hundred and fifty miles of rainforest and this gigantic park also includes three marine parks as well. There is a list of birds, reptiles and it is said to be that the Idaho marine park is well known for its kayaking adventures. Ifaty which is situated on the coast of southwest Madagascar; it is well known for its dusty fishing villages. The coral reef which is about sixty miles long and its coastal waters are well known for the activities such as diving, snorkeling, and fishing. Here, the desert inland area is more popular one, especially for its spiny forest. The Baobabs are nothing but the group of trees which lie between the Morondava and Belon Tsiribihina which is located in western Madagascar. It is one of the visited locations globally and they are eight hundred years old which stands in the dense tropical forest. But recently, now the forests have been cleared for the agriculture and they left only famous baobab trees. The Isalo National Park which is located in the southern region of Madagascar is well noted for its varied terrain. The entire park includes the areas of grassland, canyons and sandstone formations which are surrounded by the beautiful palm trees. The Ile Sainte Marie lies exactly to the east coast of Madagascar. Here the wrecks of the several pirate ships can be viewed clearly from the Baie des Forbans. This island is one of the popular attractions in Madagascar. The humpback whales will be found in the island water during the summer season.